Christian Singles Fellowship
Formerly Chapelgate Career Fellowship (CCF)

This is a history of the business meetings we have been having at 6:00 PM prior to the regular CSF general meetings.  The purpose is to find a permanent church home and establish operational procedures.

Next Transition Meeting

No more business/transition meetings are scheduled.  They will be scheduled as necessary for specific needs.

Transition News

March 2, 2008:  The leadership committee met, agreed on responsibilities, and discussed operations.

  Chair:   Jared Barlow
  Vice chair:   Sheldon Metcalfe
  Secretary:   Charles Shipley
  Treasurer:   Cathy Van Aerden
  Ken Jackson

February 24, 2008:  A vote was taken to remain at Crossroads Church, which must now be confirmed.

February 17, 2008:  There was discussion about the four candidate churches described in this table.

Churches in consideration for hosting CSF singles ministry
Crossroads Church of the Nazarene

2750 Rogers Ave., Ellicott City, 21043
Pastor Kevin Hardy
Pastor Tom Gray

Near Chapelgate, main roads
Sanctuary w/ sound system and projector (no computer) Gathering Place food area, gym Flexible--pastoral staff would help guide leadership, provide teachers; CSF may join program meetings. Use of bldg and offering periodically (no financial support). CSF may remain doctrinally independent.
Christian Life Fellowship

Independent / Charismatic
Old Frederick Rd., Catonsville, 21228
Pastor Larry Gary

Near Beltway, Route 40, city; park at shops
All purpose room with projector, sound Minimal; use of bldg, set fee for materials/power
Baltimore 1st Seventh Day Adventist Church

St. Johns Lane, Ellicott City
Pastor Ben Boggess

Near Chapelgate, (Old Chapelgate bldg: birthplace of CSF)
Fellowship hall with use of kitchen
Sanctuary being repaired
Minimal support but flexible on how much.

Limited Saturday use and no all-day Sunday use of bldg.
Calvary Community Church

Independent Evangelical, doctrinally open or neutral
9180 Rumsey Rd D1, Columbia, 21045
Pastor Mark Scott
Pastor Dan Beasley

Near routes 100 and 108, 29
All-purpose room with chairs, tables, sound system, projector, white board, counters (must be set up) Living Room coffee area
Sanctuary for events
Smaller rooms, new equipment, classrooms
May become regular program of church with pastoral/other support or remain independent.  CSF's mission closely fits with Calvary's mission for broad Christian outreach.

February 10, 2008:  Five leaders were elected.  They are Jared Barlow, Sheldon Metcalfe, Cathy Van Aerden, Ken Jackson, and Charles Shipley.  There was also some discussion about selecting our permenant church home.

January 27, 2008:  Six candidates were nominated for leadership.  They are Jared Barlow, Sheldon Metcalfe, Cathy Van Aerden, Ken Jackson, Charles Shipley, and Paul Smith.  There will be no CSF meeting next week (Superbowl Sunday).  We will vote February 10.
We are now listed in the Christian Singles Groups MD list.

January 20, 2008:  We met and continued the discussion on possible permanent church homes.

January 13, 2008:  A procedure for electing leadership was presented, discussed, amended and adopted.  The procedure is shown below.

January 6, 2008:  We were delighted to meet for the first time at Crossroads Church of the Nazarene where we felt warmly welcomed.  We did not have a transition meeting to discuss business.  At the bottom of the page are some pictures taken by Jared of us fellowshiping and enjoying snacks.

We had a meeting on December 2, 2007, in which these items were discussed.

We had a meeting on November 25, 2007, in which these items were discussed.

We had a meeting on November 18, 2007, in which these items were discussed.

We had a meeting on November 11, 2007, in which these items were discussed.

Transition Documents

Leader Selection Procedure

Leadership recommendations:

Since its sponsorship by Chapelgate, CCF has been administered by a steering committee of leaders. These leaders were asked to serve after selection by existing steering comittee members with the approval of Chapelgate's leadership. Since Christian Singles Fellowship is no longer affiliated or sponsored by Chapelgate Presbyterian Church, new selection criteria are necessary to form a new leadership committee. This committee will replace all previous members and leaders of CCF's old steering committee.

These recommendations for leadership and voting procedures are as follows:

  1. The leadership committee will be comprised of five (5) CSF members who will be nominated and elected for overall leadership and administration. Their purpose is to guide CSF, plan worship events, select and schedule speakers, coordinate social activities, and direct other CSF issues as needed.

  2. To be eligible for leadership, nominees must have consistently attended CSF for at least one year, be committed Christians, be of good Christian character, and support the mission statement and statement of faith of Christian Singles Fellowship. Those nominated must agree to have his or her name placed in nomination.

  3. The term of office for members of the leadership committee will be one year. No member can be elected for more than three consecutive terms. Any officer who serves three consecutive terms will be required to step down for at least one year in order to prevent burn-out and encourage new leaders with different perspectives and different gifts to serve.

  4. An announcement will be made at a regular CSF meeting and via electronic mail as to the dates and times for a special business meetings; during these meetings CSF members will nominate and elect the leadership committee.

  5. On the date designated for nominations, members will nominate individuals who qualify. A temporary secretary will be selected to take the minutes of the business meeting, to document the names of nominees, and to record the names of the nominees.

  6. Election of leaders will occur by secret ballot at the next business meeting. The ballot will consist of five blank lines where each member will write in and vote for only five individuals. Ballots containing more than five names will be discarded. The 5 nominees receiving the most votes will be selected for the leadership committee. Votes will be counted and tracked by at least 2 individuals. In case of a tie which creates more than 5 committee members, a run-off election will occur to determine the final five committee members.

  7. Once the 5 members are selected, the leadership committee will meet within two weeks to determine a chair person, vice chair person, secretary, treasurer, and communications coordinator by either consensus or a vote. The leadership committee will be responsible for appointing other leadership positions as required (social, food, music, etc.)

  8. The initial responsibilities of the new CSF leadership committee will be to review and revise the bylaws, rules, regulations, and/or any other governing procedures if necessary. Any changes will be brought to the membership for consideration and a ratification vote. Changes, alterations, or additions to the mission statement, bylaws, or other structural issues will require a 2/3rds majority for approval of those attending the business meeting.


II. Relocation

Since a move to a new location is mandated by Chapelgate Presbyterian Church's decision to withdraw their support from CCF, now renamed Christian Singles Fellowship, very careful consideration should be given to where the group will relocate. The decision to relocate is very critical to the success of this singles ministry in the future and a vote of the membership is required for the move. The procedures for relocation are as follows:

  1. The relocation subcommittee will interview the pastors or officials of all churches extending an invitation to host CSF.

  2. If possible, on-site visits should be conducted to potential host churches or facilities before a final decision is made by the membership. The relocation subcommittee will then report its information and findings to the membership for consideration, information, and questions.

  3. An announcement will be made as to the date and time of a business meeting when voting will take place as to the new location for CSF.

  4. At the business meeting, a vote will be taken of the CSF membership to determine the new location. The members will vote for one of the host churches and a 75% majority of those voting will be required to make the move to a particular location. The secretary on the leadership committee will record the vote and the church or facility that is selected.

  5. It may be necessary to move to a temporary site before a suitable location is found. This location should be discussed among the members and approved as well.

Directions to Crossroads Church.